About Us

Invelop’s product objectives developmentally have been to produce the best products, with the greatest intrinsic value for the purchase price costing less over the product life cycle. The issues of value, product effectiveness, durability and reliability are critical to our success for obvious reasons. Invelop’s corporate philosophy is very simple:

  • Treat people honorably.
  • Recognize that everything matters and attend to details.
  • Acknowledge errors and accept responsibility regardless of consequences.
  • Pursue business with thoughtful ambition.
  • Success will follow.

Invelop serves our customer base primarily by making a consistent effort to stay true to our philosophy. Customers are supported additionally in many practical ways. Effective customer service is always a priority. There is an ongoing effort to improve existing products or create new and better products. Most importantly we serve customers through enlightened self-interest — recognizing that they are the source of our success.

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Invelop, Inc.