Ongoing Care

Wood Care Using Wood Wizard
  • To maintain the finish achieved with Wood Wizard, dust treated surfaces regularly with a feather duster or a soft cloth. To aid in picking up more dust, or use a dry rag or paper towel. To clean slightly more deeply or to remove mild stains or spills, dampen a cloth or chamois with water.
  • You can bring back shine quickly without applying more Wood Wizard. Rub the surface with a soft cloth without applying anything and watch the luster magically return!
  • Wood Wizard will provide a better result if you apply more than one coat, waiting several hours between coats. You are not building layers of Wood Wizard with a second coat; you are filling in tiny areas left untreated after the first coat. If the surface was initially dull, the improvement from a second Wood Wizard coat will likely be quite noticeable.
  • Wood Wizard will protect wood better than any other treatment, but no product can protect wood from continuous direct sunlight. It is best to keep furniture out of the sun. The temperature of the summer sun coming through a window can exceed 140 degrees which will accelerate moisture exchange causing drying, fading, checking and cracking. Continuous sun exposure can damage fine finishes, shrink and even destroy wood over time.
  • Similarly, wood furniture placed near heating units or hot air vents can also have damaging effects. Heat increases moisture exchange: a damaging effect that occurs most rapidly when wood is left outdoors. Moisture exchange – the swelling and shrinking of wood as moisture is absorbed and expelled by environmental humidity variations – will cause wood to dry, shrink, check, crack and become malformed. Use a humidifier or heater to maintain humidity across seasons to keep the air around fine furniture at an even level.
  • If your furniture has metal hardware, Wood Wizard treats metals too! Wood Wizard will not alter the patina of the metal and it is not necessary to remove metal hardware from the furniture before treatment. You may need to use a small brush if the metal surface is varied and intricate especially when buffing after application. Unlike other wood treatment products, the ability to polish metal hardware without having to remove and replace it saves you time and effort!