See what our customers are saying about the effectiveness of Wood Wizard.

“Wood Wizard really works well to add life to old finishes. Wood Wizard restored luster to an old table that had been sitting in the sun for years.”
Steve Ozelton, Woods Of Oz
“We love Wood Wizard on hardwoods. It seems the harder the better as it buffs out like [it’s been] hand rubbed every time and builds beautifully.”
Chris M., Guerneville, CA
“I am the owner of Jim’s Furniture Repair Co. This is the first time using Wood Wizard and I find it to be very easy to work with on any type of wood. I have been using it on small projects such as an antique chair I just refinished. I got a nice luster shine. I am sure I will be using it in the future.”
James Rowe, Jim's Furniture Repair Co.



Wood Wizard Wood Beautifier and Protector Before Picture