Preparing for Wood Wizard Application

The following are important in preparation to use Wood Wizard:

  • For best results apply to clean, dry wood. Remove all surface dirt and dust before application.
  • Complete any repairs before applying as natural oils may impede glue adhesion.
  • May be applied to unfinished wood (may darken some unfinished woods).
  • May be used after staining in place of polyurethane on furniture and indoor surfaces. For newly stained wood, wait 5 to 7 days for stain to cure before applying.
  • For antiques with old, thick lacquer finishes, stripping the old finish and refinishing with a hard finish is recommended first. Note that surfaces treated with Wood Wizard can be stripped and refinished after multiple applications.
  • Assemble applicators. Cotton cloth or other purchased professional polishing cloth. Also, have brushes on hand if you are going to brush on Wood Wizard.
  • For brush application: Wood Wizard needs to be heated before applying with a brush. Important: NEVER microwave Wood Wizard. Instead, heat water in the microwave or stovetop, then set the Wood Wizard jar in the hot water. Wood Wizard can also be heated naturally by leaving it in a warm place with sunlight.
  • Have rags or paper towels on hand for wiping up excess.
  • Wood Wizard can be applied without the need for gloves or hand protection, but you may want to cover your hands to reduce cleanup after application.

Ventilation is not required but may be advisable especially if working on large surfaces or in a way where your face will come close to the surface being treated. Wood Wizard contains Volatile Organic Compounds – organic chemicals common in many products – and ventilation in most cases is not required but recommended. Note that Wood Wizard is not suitable for outside wood surfaces, but treating surfaces outside might be advisable to assure adequate ventilation.