Wood Wizard Uses

Wood Wizard may be used on all wood types, finished or unfinished. It is great for cabinets, furniture, antiques and interior wood trim and built-ins.

Wood Wizard can be used on:

  • All types of finished and unfinished wood. Wood Wizard can even be used on painted wood surfaces to protect and add luster.
  • Metals – May be used on all metals. Beautifies old metal without changing the patina.
  • Leather- use on leather furniture parts to protect, preserve, and beautify leather upholstery, and leather top furniture. (May darken some leathers – test first on inconspicuous area. Not for use on suede).

Wood Wizard imparts a natural moisture barrier to prevent water spots.

Using Wood Wizard eliminates the need to use furniture polishes and sprays because the shine will buff back just by rubbing.

Wood Wizard is not intended for use as a primary finish and is not for use on Wood flooring.